myth is a story that may or may not be true. Myths are generally very old.

All cultures have developed their own mythology over time. Mythology includes the legends of their history, their religions, their stores of how the world was created, and their heroes. These stories have great symbolic power, and this may be a major reason why they survive as long as they do, sometimes for thousands of years.


Adonis, s the god of beauty and desire.

Eros is the god of love.

Eros has a bow and golden arrows with whom he can shoot at people so they will fall in love, but he has also leaden arrows which make people hate.


Zeus  is the King of Gods, ruler of Mount Olympus in Greek mythology

Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wild animals and the wilderness. 

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty in Greek mythology

Ares is the god of savage war .

Medusa is a monster from Greek mythology. If she looks at somebody, she turns them to stone because she is very ugly. 

Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdomstrategywar and travel.

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